Film Synopsis

We have developed our cars to become faster & more advanced in every way. But we still use the same fuel we discovered years ago (Petrol). It's time to find an alternative that is more suitable for not only our advanced vehicles but also the environment.
Laurels & Certificate
Director & Animator
My name is Kaushal Magodia and I am the director of the short film, "Alternative". Initially, I started creating this film to just let my animation-related creative ideas form into reality. However, while creating the same I eventually came up with the story that I want to narrate with this animation. And, that has to be regarding the fact that we are still relying on ancient fueling options to power our modern vehicles. We have developed and innovated our vehicles so much over the ages but it's crazy that the majority of these vehicles use the same fuel. Hence, it's time we start putting our collective brains into innovating more modern and eco-friendly fueling options. In order to narrate the same fact and also make the whole thing a little bit comical, I finished the animation with a small gag while the moral of the story appears in the text format shortly after.
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