Story Summary

The story revolves around an ai spaceship that falls in love with an alien Dragon. The dragon belongs to a planet named, "Oharu" where the humans are stationed to mine for minerals from planet Oharu's core. They are doing that to help save planet Earth which is completely depleted of its resources. The ai spaceship whose name is Alley is part of this military unit & is tasked with rescuing the soldiers who run into the savage humanoid inhabitants of this planet while mining for minerals. Apart from that Alley is also tasked with scanning the crust of planet Oharu for mineral deposits and reporting it back to the base. On a similar mission, Alley runs into a lonely Dragon (Sequester). She spends some time with the dragon and eventually falls in love with him. Sadly though Sequester gets captured & it's up to Alley to find and rescue him. We journey with Alley into finding her true Strengths and apply the same to rescue the dragon and save the day!
Character Designs
Writer and Director
My name is Kaushal Magodia and I am the director of the film, "STRENGTHS". I originally hail from Mumbai, India. I arrived in San Francisco, California in the fall of 2017 to pursue MFA in Animation and VFX from the Academy of Art University. After finishing my Master's and gaining a major in 3D Animation, I started looking out for Animation jobs around the United States as every new graduate does. Right after my graduation, I found my first job at a studio called, "The Third Floor Studios". Here, is where I started my visualization journey. While working on the Hollywood projects in the visualization industry I was able to learn a lot of different software and also understood the importance of camera angles for storytelling. It is also where I realized that I have a neck for writing stories as well. Hence, I started making small animated videos and forming stories around the same, and uploading them on my different social media profiles. One of the short animated shorts that I created was, "Alternative". Uploading it over the internet made me realize that I was getting a lot of positive feedback, which then motivated me to write a story for, "Strengths". I participated in a Bay Area competition/school called, "Buildspace". Via this, I managed to write the script for this film. After finishing the script I realized the potential it has to be a feature-length film and soon I decided to turn this into the same.
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